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Diabetes Videos

Please Click here to access the Our Health Information Video Library.

We’ve put together a list of helpful links below.  We try to make sure they’re up to date, but if you find a dead link please email us and let us know.  Thanks.

EEFO – the Cornish Site for young people


The Family Planning Association

FPA is the UK’s leading sexual health charity. Their purpose is to enable people in the UK to make informed choices about sex and to enjoy sexual health.

Every day they work to ensure that anyone can get the high quality information and services they need.

Click Here 

Youth Health Talk

This is a website about young people’s real life experiences of health and lifestyle. This is not just a website about the medical facts, this is about real people and real lives.

Watch, listen and read young people talking about their experiences, and feel free to join in the forums.  youthhealthtalk.org is here.


Brook is a charity which has been set up to help young people under the age of 25 enjoy their sexuality without coming to harm.  The have many resources available as well as a helpline on which you can talk to counsellors in confidence.

Confidential advice for under 25s – Ask Brook 0808 802 1234

Their website also has many useful resources and is here.

Patient UK

This is a good site with loads of information and further links about your health.  Click here.

NHS Choices

There’s a really good part of the NHS Choices website which deals with sexual health and contraception.  If you search wider, you’ll find lots more about everything to do with your body, how it works, what goes wrong and how to stay fit.

Click here for the sexual health page.  There’s also a really good series of links here.

Directory of UK Self Help Groups

Details of over 780 UK Self Help Groups

NHS Direct

A very useful site for all your questions about sickness and health

Patient UK

A useful resource with information leaflets, links and contact details for support groups, and other useful information.


An independent journal about evidence-based healthcare, providing a useful source of information on what works, and what doesn’t.

MeReC Rapid Review  (now absorbed into NICE)

Summary and appraisal of clinically relevant recent studies from a respected source of information on drugs and prescribing.

National Health Service Health Library 

Formally known as the National electronic Library for Health, this programme is working with NHS Libraries to develop a digital library for NHS staff, patients and the public.

In a crisis?

Need to talk to someone after 5.15 pm and before 8.45 am or at the weekend?  Call the Home Treatment Team on 0845 230 3902.

Addiction Services


Adfam is a national charity working with families affected by drugs and alcohol and is a leading agency in substance related family work.


Addaction is a leading UK charity working solely in the field of drug and alcohol treatment.


For free confidential drugs information and advice 24 hours a day talk to FRANK.


National charity solely dedicated to the prevention of solvent and volatile substance abuse (VSA).

Gamblers Anonymous

tel 0207 384 3040

Alzheimer’s Disease and other rare  forms of dementia

Alzheimers,net is a useful support website full of resources for sufferers, carers and families of people who suffer from the disease. http://www.alzheimers.net/

The Myrtle Ellis Fund provides support, information and advice to individuals with rare forms of dementia, and their carers.  The four specific conditions they cover are Post Cortical Atrphy (PCA), primary progressive Aphasia (PPA), Familial Alzheimer’s Disease (FAD) and Familial Frontotemporal Fementia (fFTD)

You can visit their website, or contact them at  jill.walton@ffdsg.org or on 07592 540 555.


Breast Cancer Care

A UK charity offering information and support to those with breast cancer.

Cancer Back-up

MacMillan Cancer Support is a European cancer charity providing up-to-date cancer information, practical advice and support for cancer patients and their families.

Cancer Screening Information

Information on current cancer screening programs in the NHS.

Mesothelioma (Asbestos related cancer)

Mesothelioma Guide provides comprehensive information and resources concerning mesothelioma and asbestos exposure.  Asbestos exposure and mesothelioma are a growing concern for patients and their families;  this page offers support information. The group provides up-to-date, free, information and support, specifically focused on helping patients.

Peninsula Cancer Network

A network by which healthcare professionals treating cancer across Devon and Cornwall, can jointly agree, implement and monitor the most appropriate patterns of care for their patients.


Cornwall Carers Service

A one-stop-shop providing support to people who care for others –

Helpline 01872 266 393

Adult Care and Support

Provide help is assessing and accession support for the person you are looking after

Helpline 0300 1234 131

Kernow Young Carers

Provides support for young people caring for an adult – 01209 610 277

Children’s Health

Department of Health and MMR web site

Information leaflet on MMR vaccine from the DoH.


Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK home page. All you need to know about diabetes and more.

More support can be found at Diabetes Support Information Exchange

General Support for Daily Tasks


Free, impartial advice on equipment and aids to make every day tasks and activities easier.  This is an online facility, and if you need access to a computer you can do so free at your local library.

Cornwall Mobility

A charity based in Truro who will assess your needs and recommend and supply equipment to help you live a more mobile life


British Heart Foundation

A charity involved in research and education regarding heart conditions. They also produce useful  factfiles aimed mainly at professionals to update our knowledge about heart conditions and treatments.


Orthopaedics – www.davidbracey.co.uk

Site set up by local orthopaedic surgeon, offering advice and information on a variety of orthopaedic conditions.


Health advice for travellers 

Department of Heath web site with information on safe and healthy travel.

Immunisation and Vaccination

A useful website is provided by the NHS – please click here to get a direct link.

British Pain Society

The British Pain Society is the largest multidisciplinary professional organisation in the field of pain within the UK.

Our membership comprises doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, scientists, psychologists, occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals actively engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of pain and in pain research for the benefit of patients. We have a steady increasing number of members annually.

Today the British Pain Society has a membership of over 1,550 and is a uniquely relevant representative body on all matters relating to pain.

The British Pain Society aims to promote education, training, research and development in all fields of pain. It endeavours to increase both professional and public awareness of the prevalence of pain and the facilities that are available for its management. The Society is involved in all aspects of pain and its management through the work of the Council, various Committees, Special Interest Groups and Working Parties and via its publications, Annual Scientific Meeting and educational seminars.

Please click here for a link to the Patients’ Pages of the Society


Weight Matters is a NHS Cornwall Health Promotion Programme which has developed a self help website for adults who want to manage their own weight.  The website includes a range of tools which patients and staff may find helpful to support overweight and obese individuals.