Annual Report 2012

Patient Participation Report- January 2012

The purpose of this report is to summarise our progress in involving patients more in the surgery, and includes information about our evolving approach to making appointments more available, more versatile and more effective.

Practice Demographics

Rosmellyn Surgery is the newest of 5 practices within the town of Penzance (population 21000) and has a practice area covering West Penwith west of a line roughly from St Ives to Praa Sands.  This area covers 2 wards which are in the most deprived 10% in England and a further 4 which are in the 20% most deprived.  Of our 6950 patients, 18% are over 65 and of this group 60% are women.

The Practice has 5 GPs of whom 4 are Partners, 3 Practice Nurses of whom 2 are qualified to prescribe, and 2 Healthcare Assistants.  We have 11 other members of staff.

Profile of PPG Members

When the Practice first opened in 2005 a Patient Group was established but by 2007 was no longer active.  In 2010 we again attempted to start a Group and, again, we ran out of steam by the end of the year due to the pressure of commitments on the majority of members.  In the autumn of 2011 we sent a Newsletter by post to every address on our List; we included an up to date  Patient Leaflet and an invitation to join the Patient Group (which we call the Rosmellyn Patient Forum or RPF).  We also sent the invitation by email to the 650 patients on our email list and posted notices in the waiting room.  This resulted in 6 new members plus two from the previous incarnation.  We met in the new group in January 2012 and are scheduled for our next meeting in April 2012.

We are encouraged by the enthusiasm of the new team, and hope to expand the membership because we do not feel that we are obviously “representative” of the Practice demographic.  In short, we have no members from ethnic minorities, no disabled patients (our last disabled member was forced to resign for personal reasons) and no members under the age of 50.

Nevertheless, we hope that the work that will be done by the group on behalf of the whole list of patients will, in time, encourage others to join.

Patient Survey

During the past few years we have run 5 surveys of patients, and received feedback from the National Access Survey each year it ran.  To a greater extent the surveys have focussed on standard questions covering our availability, professionalism and the environment of the Practice.  One survey was run in summer 2011 specifically to address the best way to provide extended hours clinics.  This survey had around 100 respondents.  As a result, we changed our provision of evening clinics from a random 2 evenings a week to Tuesday and Thursday evenings for 4 out of 5 weeks and a Saturday morning every 5th week; we also included nurses appointments for the first time.  Although this reflected exactly the preference of patients, we found that the later appointments in the evening were rarely taken up and that doctors appointments were poorly filled.

After a trial of 4 months we reviewed the uptake and decided that the results did not reflect well what we had sought to achieve, and changed again.  We now have one evening clinic on a Thursday evening which runs with 2 doctors and a nurse until7.45pm 4 weeks in 5, and a Saturday clinic 1 week in 5 which has a doctor and nurse attending.  The results have been most encouraging, with uptake much increased.

Our most recent survey was conducted by CFEP Surveys UK in February 2012 – we received 352 responses covering all of our clinicians.  It will be analysed by the RPF at the next meeting with a view to determining any improvements we can make.  The summarised results showed that 89% of respondents considered that we were good, very good or excellent – this is an improvement from 86% in 2009.  The summary sheet is on the website and available in the waiting room.

Practice Opening Hours and Access arrangements

The Practice is open as follows:

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.00pm

Thursday 6.30 to 7.45 (most weeks)

Saturday 9.30am – 12pm (1 week in 5)

The Practice does not close for lunch.

Access to appointments is mostly by telephone, although patients can drop in to arrange an appointment.  We have introduced a Duty Doctor system for allocating care.  This means that the doctor will call back for all requests for a doctor appointment.  Nurse and HCA appointments can still be made with the receptionist, and follow on appointments or appointments for routine examinations can normally be made by reception.

This system has resulted in far more efficient use of doctor and nurse appointments, fewer “no shows”, improved access to appointments on the day, better allocation of long term booking and more accurate allocation of resources.


We try really hard to give the best possible care, and to do so as quickly as possible.  We are generally pleased with the survey responses and with other feedback, but are not complacent.  We would welcome more interest from more patients on our list and hope that the Rosmellyn Patient Forum goes from strength to strength in the future.

If you are interested and can spare the time, or even if you could participate as an “e-member”, please contact us.

Thank you

Jerry Betteridge

Strategic Manager