How We Use Your Data

This Practice is part of the local shared record initiative which means that it is possible for you to give permission to clinicians elsewhere to look at your health record.

For example, if you have to go into hospital for any reason, the doctor may ask what medication you are on, or if you have had any previous operations.  It is difficult to remember all of the detail when you are unwell, so you can give the doctor, nurse or pharmacist permission to look into your electronic notes.

They will access your record here in the surgery, and can get the information they need to ensure you get the best care.

You can say no!  However, our advice is that you should let another clinician look at your record so that they can offer the best care.

We are always informed automatically when anyone accesses your information, and audit this carefully to ensure that your data is being properly safeguarded.

You can read more in the document below.

Making your local health record work better for you

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