We welcome new patients!

Our list is open, and we are glad to accept new patients.  We are always available to register visitors to the area as temporary patients as well.

New patients who want to register permanently will need to fill in a standard NHS form (GMS1), family-doctor-services-registration-2-10-17 our New Patient Questionnaire and NewPatient Alcohol Form which you can either get from reception or download using these links.

Please make sure that you fill in separate forms for each member of your family who wants to register with us, including children.

Please also bring in proof of ID for all patients over the age of 18: a combination of photo ID and proof of address will be needed.

We ask that all patients attend a brief appointment with one of the Nurses or Healthcare Assistants as soon after registering as possible.  This enables us to make sure we have all of the important details on your health on record and can check any medicines you are already taking.  Your notes may take a few months to arrive, so the new patient appointment is very important.  If you know you need to see a nurse or doctor about an existing condition please let us know on arrival.

You will be registered with a named doctor, and if you have a preference for a specific doctor you may say so.  However, we cannot guarantee that we will allocate you to a specific doctor’s list as we need to balance the lists fairly.

Whenever possible we will try to make sure you see your doctor when you come to the surgery.  Sometimes it will be more appropriate to see one of our other clinicians (for example you would be better seeing a nurse expert in asthma and respiratory disease or diabetes or for travel advice.  An HCA may be better qualified to do dressings or take blood samples).  There will also be occasions when your preferred doctor is away, and we will make sure you see the best alternative as soon as we can.

Please note that we can only register patients who live within our Practice Area.  If you move from our practice area you will normally have to register with a GP who covers the area that you have moved to, although we will not insist on this if your move is temporary; if in doubt, please ask.  We will give you plenty of time to sort out registering with another doctor.

Please also take some time to look at this website and see the clinics and services we offer.  We try to keep the site up to date so that we can give you the best information, links to other sites and news as it breaks.  Please let us know if you have ideas that would improve the site.

If You Change Address or Telephone Number…

Please remember to let us know your new address and / or contact details whenever these change so that we can get in touch if we need to.